Cone Beam Facial Imaging

At Sierra Oral & Facial Surgery, we use top of the line technology to improve the assessment of our patients surgical planning, as well as expectant outcomes. With the ability to assess the patient’s oral health & ability to plan the procedure in three dimensions, it is now easier than ever to achieve successful results for our patients. Getting a more accurate and less invasive is a direct results of the skilled application this advanced imaging technology bring to us. This technology also translates to a much more comfortable experience and shorter patient recoveries.

We believe in utilizing the latest technology, which is why we’ve implemented full-craniofacial cone-beam computed tomography, which provides an incredibly in-depth, three dimensional photos of the patient’s oral situation which we then use to give a detailed treatment plan. This technology is incredibly helpful when diagnosing and planning treatment or orthodontic related procedures, facial deformities, facial and dental implant surgery, TMJ analysis, airway assessment, orthognathic surgery, cosmetic facial surgery, and many others!

It is with this conebeam technology that we are able to obtain undistorted, anatomically correct views of jaws, facial bones and teeth along with cross-sectional, axial, coronal, sagittal, cephalometric and panoramic views. These incredibly detailed three dimensional images provide a level of anatomic accuracy that could never be obtained through the use 2-D technology.

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